Facebook Ads Services

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It has around 2.500.000.000 members, with a wide age spread.

Though started as a person to person network, today it is a powerful tool for building affordable customer relationships.

Facebook’s purchase of Instagram confirmed it as the most far reaching social media platform.

Facebook Ads are a powerful way of driving your marketing campaign towards the ideal market segment.

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Facebook is just for Baby Boomers, right? (Wrong)

Contrary to popular belief Facebook is not populated only by the so called Baby Boom generation. In fact, Boomer’s parents and children are also connected. Tiktok, Twitch, Instagram; each platform has its own audience, but Facebook continues to be the place where everybody shares a space.

The new Facebook/Instagram simultaneous post feature complements Facebook Ads and Facebook Shop, and puts Zuckerberg’s platform at the foreshore of digital marketing.

What value do Facebook Ads provide?

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Whale Done’s expertise is in defining clear objectives for an Ads campaign. This requires listening to you attently and applying careful market segmentation methods to your public.

Gain followers

Grow sales

Drive web traffic

Build Brand awareness

Open a direct channel to your customers

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Facebook Ads treasure: segmentation

Facebook Ads tools allow segmentation by age, location, gender and level of interaction with your content.

Facebook provides a treasure chest of data, including visitor behaviour, demographics, and interests. This valuable market insight leads to bountiful potential, if handled correctly.

Active Facebook Ads campaigns, lasting at least a few days, will give enough data so that Facebook can analyse behaviours and target the most appropriate user.

Facebook Ads campaigns provide a treasure chest of data

For a small fish in a big pond it’s often difficult to stand out.

With data and expertise…

Facebook Ads will soon have you swimming in the deepest, rich currents.