Online Marketing & Communication

Submerge yourself in new and diverse waters with Digital Marketing.

Take your brand out to the world. Position yourself properly in the market and increase conversion without turning predator.

Join the pod! Whale Done offers online publicity, SEO optimization, email and content marketing. We will help measure your return on investment while creating innovative digital experiences. How?

Marketing Consultant

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A Whale Done consultation identifies the best services for each client. Whale Done will listen closely to your objectives. Once the strategy is defined it’s full speed ahead.

So why do you need me?

To analyse your business or brand and offer potential improvements

Design your Communication and Marketing strategy

Support you during our journey

Keep the sharks at bay with all legal, but non lethal weapons

Facebook Advertising

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Social media streams are a rich source of traffic for your web site, an excellent channel to build genuine and direct relationships with your customers.

A Facebook ADS campaign:

Drives more traffic to your web site

Puts the social in your strategy

Attracts new customers

Understands your audience segmentation

And keeps the baby boomers on the horizon

Email marketing

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Branded and personalised messages to your customer’s inbox. Make the most of the best conversion rate strategy!

Analyse results

Unintrusive advertising

VIP accounts

Seo Positioning

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Gaining a prominent Google search position does not require sharp teeth. Proper preparation and follow up, key words, original content, persistence and knowing your niche markets will uncover deep sea pearls. Patience is a virtue!

SEO works but requires persistence

Discover your business’ weak points

Exploit the strengths

Launch new products

Implement SEO to enjoy long-term benefits

Google Ads (SEM, the shortcut)

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Quicker to bring you new customers than SEO Positioning alone. The downside? It’s a paid service. Ideally, a combination of SEO & SEM strategy is most effective.

Google Ads summary:

Daily optimisation of your investment

AD promotion in Google, blogs, web sites…

Rapid lead generation

Brand optimisation and uncovers VIP customers

Content Marketing

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At Whale Done we create quality, well-positioned content, designed specifically for each platform which brings an larger follower base and a better connection with the brand. What does Whale Done offer?

Contents with SEO positioning

User Experience

New lead generation

Sales boost